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Valorant has just released a new agent, and it's already causing quite a stir in the community. Gekko, the latest addition to the Valorant roster, is a reptilian-inspired agent who brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the game.

One of Gekko's most notable abilities is his "Stick and Shock" ability. This allows him to throw a sticky bomb at an enemy that explodes after a short delay, dealing significant damage and stunning anyone caught in the blast radius. This ability can be a game-changer in tight situations, allowing you to quickly take out an enemy or gain the upper hand in a fight.

Gekko's ultimate ability, "Venom Strike," is equally impressive. When activated, Gekko releases a cloud of poisonous gas that deals damage over time to any enemies caught in the area. This ability can be especially useful in defending or taking control of an area, as enemies will be hesitant to enter the affected area.

Overall, Gekko is a unique and formidable addition to the Valorant roster, and we can't wait to see how players will use his abilities in-game.

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