Why Isn't Genshin Impact on the Nintendo Switch Yet?

Genshin Impact has been a massive hit on almost every hardware, but to many fans' disappointment, it hasn't been released yet for the Nintendo Switch.

Since releasing about two years ago, Genshin Impact has become an unprecedented and massive hit. Netting over one billion US dollars in revenue in its first year of release, the game's pandemic-era debut window allowed it to score a base of gamers looking to connect digitally. Unfortunately, those with a Nintendo Switch are still unable to do so.

The Switch version of Genshin Impact has still not been released, despite it supposedly being in development. There are a number of reasons for this, some of which may even see the game eventually skip Nintendo's hybrid hardware. Nevertheless, the Switch is the perfect place to take Genshin Impact on the go, and it's past time that the game was available on it.

No official reason has been given as to why Genshin Impact is still without its already announced release for the Nintendo Switch, though the most likely issue is the hardware. The Switch is unique in that it's a handheld/home console hybrid, with its docked status allowing for more power. Even in this setting, however, the Switch hardware is now weaker than newer technology, not to mention already weaker compared to former competitors such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Thus, any new games developed since the system's launch run the risk of being too powerful for it.

Genshin Impact's Delayed Switch Release Is Likely Due to Hardware Issues

Sure, Genshin Impact also runs on iOS, but that's a version of the game tailored to work on a mobile device. The Switch version will have to be made specifically for its hardware, which is easier said than done. Keep in mind also that the PS4 version of the game initially looked and ran rather poorly, so the Switch edition of Genshin Impact may simply be running at too low a level for the developers to feel confident releasing it.

Some also suspect that the game's microtransactions may present an issue with Nintendo itself, though the presence of microtransactions in other games for the Switch makes this a less-than-likely explanation. Given how long it's been since the game first launched, not to mention the rumors of a Switch successor on the way, the planned release for the Nintendo console may be dropped altogether. That would be an immense shame, however, given the library of the system so far.

Why the Nintendo Switch Is the Perfect Console for Genshin Impact

Given that it's a Japanese RPG, Genshin Impact should logically be on the Nintendo Switch already. After all, the Switch essentially replaced the PlayStation Vita as the home for offbeat, quirky RPGs that would otherwise be overlooked on other hardware. This is likely why the remake of Live a Live was a Switch exclusive, with the console also being the initial home of that title's spiritual successor Octopath Traveler. Likewise, Shin Megami Tensei V is a Switch exclusive, despite the remake of Shin Megami Tensei III also being available for the PS4. That's not to mention the Monster Hunter titles and other hit RPGs that feel right at home on a console that can also become a handheld.

The open-world adventure premise of the game could also draw comparisons to the most recent entries in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series, further putting Genshin Impact in potentially great company on the console. The Switch has also hosted several anime-style JRPGs, the likes of which Genshin Impact fits right in with. Hopefully, developer miHoYo can crack the code to get the game up and running on the Switch in both its docked and handheld modes, as porting it to the popular console could only increase its own huge fan base.

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