One of the original VALORANT maps will reportedly receive a rework

An iconic map in VALORANT is reportedly set to be next on the agenda for Riot Games with a rework planned in the future. 

Last night VALORANT data miner ValorLeaks confirmed that Bind, one of the original maps on release, is set to receive some changes. The rework will be similar to that of Split, which received several smaller changes two months ago after it was re-introduced to the competitive map pool. 

The specific changes that Bind is set to receive are yet to be released, however. A release date for the rework was not stated. 

The map received a few minor changes in patch 4.0, which was released in January last year. The changes included the addition of a small bench near the entryway of the A spike site for attackers to mix up the elevation of angles when peeking. 

Also, the stack toward A short was changed to a much smaller box which allowed players to jump up and swing toward the site. 

Bind was one of the maps introduced to the beta version of VALORANT in 2020. The map is notable for the teleporters that can transport players from one side of the map to the other in an instant, but it does come at a cost—the risky maneuver can be heard by the enemies. 

Bind is one of the only maps in VALORANT that does not feature a traditional middle avenue, which is usually the most popular point of contention when choosing a spike site to attack. Bind has a unique layout with two spike sites and short-distance pathways that connect each point on the map. 

The map, alongside Breeze, was removed from the competitive pool in January.