New Character: Faruzan ‧ Enigmatic Machinist

◆ Faruzan ◆ Enigmatic Machinist ◆ Haravatat Household Name ◆ Anemo ◆ Flosculi Implexi

There is a legend circulating among the Kshahrewar students:
If you have failed your mechanics exams and do not dare ask for remedial lessons from your displeased tutor, you can make your way to Haravatat next door and ask Madam Faruzan for some tips.

There is no need to prepare a gift. Just remember to show sincerity and humility, and call her "Madam" respectfully. That will be sufficient to get into the living encyclopedia of mechanics' good graces.

Madam Faruzan's explanations are simple to understand yet insightful, and her in-depth knowledge really makes people wonder if she had a hand in writing the syllabus. Her guidance will help resolve the most daunting problems, though there remain two problems that all students must overcome on their own:

The first is how to hide their surprise when they see her youthful appearance.
The second is to refrain from asking her why she has been shunned in Haravatat despite having such erudition, and whether she should consider joining Kshahrewar.

If you are unfortunate enough to commit one of these faux pas, you shall bear witness to rhetoric worthy of a household name in Haravatat, especially when in the field of criticizing and reprimanding others.

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